New Rocky Point Monster that washed up. (Photos: Jennifer Vorraro)
Although the case of the Montauk Monster still hasn’t been solved, a new creature has washed up on the North Shore of Long Island in Rocky Point. Like its counterpart found to the south, the carcass wasn’t readily identifiable from photos and not so surprisingly is now also missing. However, according to locals in Montauk, there is no mystery as to who has the ‘Monster’ it’s more of a question of when will it be unveiled. ANIMAL caught up with Colin Davis (he’s the kid that appeared in this video on CNN showing the bones to Jeanne Moos) on Main Street two weeks ago and he said outright that his uncle Paul Davis has it. Davis is a burly, longtime Montauk local, surfer, and all around tough guy who dragged the carcass out of fellow, artsier resident Noelle Arikian’s yard.

63052_ViewSize.jpg Kathleen Engstrom, who owns Montauk T-Shirts, said quite matter-of-factly that the Davis family has the Monster, and she’d know, they’re best friends—their kids surf together. According to her, Paul and Paulette Davis definitely have what was left of it. When reached by phone last week, she said that both Paul Davis and Noelle Arikian have retained legal counsel. “They’re both currently negotiating with National Geographic,” according to Engstrom. When we asked Colin Davis why not just turn the body over to scientists or some kind of accredited institution, he had a simpler answer: “It would ruin the fun, it would ruin the mystery.”