In the few interviews he’s done, billboard defacer Poster Boy has mentioned his desire to start a sort of faceless, grassroots public hacking movement and his vision appears to be manifesting itself. NYCTheBlog noticed this “rather simple” remixed subway ad and rightly speculated that “it’s possible the work is not his, but of someone he inspired.” ANIMAL reached the underground culture jamming artisan by email and asked him about the piece. While he admitted that he wasn’t directly responsible for the vandalism, it’s still attributable, “I didn’t do it myself, but it is Poster Boy.” And although the work is not as advanced as the real thing, he has nothing but praise for it. “As far as the “living stylishly” piece goes, I love it. The words go well with the skin mask, very haute couture,” writes Poster Boy.
(Photo: NYCTheBlog)