With a plunging art market and an economy in the shitter, The Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art chose a good time to launch their new protesty website that was “founded in the spirit of Marcel Duchamp,” according to the official press release. Artmuseumtoilet.org features an impressive “collection of images of toilets taken at various art museums from around the world.” Some of the most venerable institutions are included, from the Met to the Kyoto National Museum—which does has some really impressive urinals. But design aesthetics are not the focus, it has more to do with the general assholiness of the art world and pompous museum culture:

“This piece essentially showcased that art may not be hanging in the proud walls of a museum gallery, but in the common objects and in even in the restroom. So today we launch this website asking some of the same questions about the current art establishment and its high brow art.”