Wow, that’s it? Here’s one of the four waterfalls placed along the East River waterfront as part of a public arts project concepted by artist Olafur Eliasson. His $15.5 million “New York City Waterfalls” exhibit required 30 permits from various governmental agencies and will stay on display until October 13th. The 90 to 120 foot waterfalls will be turned on from dawn to dusk and pump 2.1 million gallons of brackish East River water an hour. Hopefully these water works get a little more interesting when they’re lit up after sunset with special lighting, cause otherwise the waterfalls are about exciting as draping saffron-colored nylon fabric over metal poles in Central Park and calling it art. The photo above was taken from the Manhattan bridge, here’s a flickr gallery of just about every angle and vantage point that can be shot.