The New York National Guard vandalized the Bushwick-Willamsburg border and surrounding areas, recently plastering up these recruitment flyers on light poles. The standards for admission to the Armed Forces have dropped significantly, and now, GEDs aren’t even required or citizenship for that matter, just a “permanent resident card.” In addition to promises of a $20,000 bonus and “PAID job training,” the flyer describes involvement with the Guard as ‘PART TIME (only 1 weekend a month & 2 wks a year).” That of course is true when there’s NOT major wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, that has already stretched our military to the hilt—this poor guy from Queens was killed last week when his humvee rolled. Although it doesn’t say it anywhere, those who join up will have to put in at least a year in Iraq. What used to be a fun way for New York residents to stay in shape, is now a surefire ticket to the frontlines of a war without an end depending on the policies of the next commander in chief. With only 27 days to go till the election, the misguided youth might want to wait and see who actually wins, it could mean the difference between getting your head blown off in Baghdad or getting hit with paintballs in the Catskills.
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