So by now, many of you have no doubt heard that liberal-leaning soccer mom magazine The New Yorker has just released a very edgy cartoon cover by Barry Blitt featuring Barack Obama in traditional Muslim garb terrorist fist-jabbing a militant afroed Michelle Obama while the America flag is in flames and a portrait of Osama bin Laden hangs above the mantel. Very cool, heavy handed stuff! Predictably, everyone’s outraged with both the Obama and McCain camps denouncing the outrageous depictions, while the magazine is defending the extreme caricatures. Editor David Remnick described how it’s pure satire and meant to disarm the half-brained, far right’s Obama-is-a-Muslim propagating spin machines. But with most of the mag’s readers most likely Obama supporters and even with all the media coverage, this is not going to do what it was meant to—reach that deranged 12% of Americans that still believe the Democratic presidential candidate secretly denounces Christ for Allah.
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