Here’s the latest—in an increasing collection—of the Obama “Hope” parodies, seen on the streets of Hollywood. The work was created by politico art blogger Mark Howard of, and features the image of a monkey looking McCain with the exhortation “NOPE.” 125-McCain-Nope.jpgBut the artists intent isn’t just to discourage votes for the old fucker. “The initial motivation is to go after McCain” Howard tells ANIMAL “he’s the anti-HOPE candidate. But needleing Fairey, that’s the cherry on top. I think he’s kind of a fraud so I’m stealing from the style thief.” The NOPE t-shirts are landing in interesting places in DC, specifically ANIMAL hears, the office of Congressman Keith Ellison, D. Minnesota. The press secretary for the the nation’s first Moslem elected to congress ordered a batch of them. You might recall Ellison brilliantly showed up detractors when he was sworn in holding Thomas Jefferson’s Koran. The timing couldn’t be more perfect either with word that the Associated Press is calling it for Obama, finally ending Clinton’s chances and setting the stage for a general election duel to the death with the old war monger.