“Graffiti doesn’t seem to be much of a problem in Port Washington. Not along Port Washington Boulevard. And certainly not on Graywood Lane,” writes Newsday’s crime reporter Rocco Parascandola in the intro to the ‘no shit Sherlock’ story of the year. The journalist describes how name writing vandal, VELO, leaves the Island and “puts his graffiti tag” in Astoria rather than his suburban enclave. But why come to the populated city where fellow graffiti writers are, and others that will actually notice your work? According to “police sources” the answer is simple, fame: “[I]t gets them more attention, among other taggers and on Web sites dedicated to graffiti.” No shit? You mean the secluded, homogenous, car driving communities of Long Island aren’t a hotbed for the outlawed urban artform? Nope! If you expect anyone to see your work, the city that birthed graffiti is where it’s at according to “one source” who offers up this groundbreaker, “This is how they make a name for themselves. You get a lot of attention if you tag in the city.” |Newsday|
Photo: |Street Stars|