The above mural by REVS and PEEK in DUMBO was buffed with gray paint back in 2005 for some ungodly reason and left blank for three years until now: Nike just slapped up some silly ad for women’s sportswear in the spot. |RazorApple|
A man who threatened to kill Obama was arrested in Florida. The scary part, he totally has the three name assassin requirement. |NYMag|
Speaking of Bam, Senator Chuck Schumer urges the Democratic candidate to slap those Republican bitches back way harder. |Politico|
That Public Enemy print by Shepard Fairey is officially on sale. |TWBE|
A club worker claimed he killed the woman that was found dead three days after a Lil’ Kim party. |AP|
Shocker: NYC hasn’t done shit to help the homeless. |Newsday|
Photo: UntitledName