What a victory for graffiti writers. On the cover of today’s New York Post is a story about Naomi Campbell apologizing for being a wacked-out violent bitch and how “city graffiti skyrockets”—the bar has now been set: graffiti is on par with celebrity news. Despite the city’s dedicated anti-graffiti task force of wannabe cops and street scrawl jockers they just can’t stop the bombing. There’s an obligatory quote from potential city swindler Peter Vallone Jr., who must be cowering in shame. Despite his aggressive efforts, the failed pol has been rendered completely impotent with the amount of graffiti related complaints ballooning in Vallone’s own borough:

Queens North had an 84 percent spike, from 904 complaints to 1,662, and arrests went up 11 percent, from 615 to 680. In Queens South, complaints climbed 80 percent, to 864, and arrests were up 17 percent, to 259.

This could be bad news for the city councilman who’s trying to take a stab at being Queen’s borough president in ’09. If he can’t even take care of some paint splatters, who’s going to trust him to run things.