250_trashy_bronx.jpg“While officials have touted that the city is the cleanest its been in 30 years, the summertime heat combined with more people being out on the streets often result in stinking, filthy sidewalks, New Yorkers and community leaders said,” reports amNY. Morrisania in the Bronx is cited as being particularly filthy. The problem is especially bad in low income areas, and not just because there’s a lack of garbage cans, but also because area residents often use their own neighborhoods as trash bins, like Bushwick for example. On any given day, take a stroll along Flushing Avenue between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway if you want to see conditions on par with Tijuana. Straws, chicken bones, and virtually every candy wrapper you can image are discarded reflexively. And many other neighborhoods share the same characteristics, so when asked if the city is getting dirtier, the results of the poll so far aren’t surprising: 82.6% yes, 17.4% no. |amNY|
Photo: 3rd Ave. at 163rd St. (Photo: Jefferson Siegel)