The police offer up some details on who they arrested and why they went rogue on Obama supporters celebrating on Bedford Avenue. |CityRoom|
While many artists have been focusing mainly on Barack Obama as the subject of their work, Elizabeth Peyton painted Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha. |NYP|
“Inside Edition” is airing a report tonight about sixteen, gun toting court officers in Manhattan caught drinking heavily on their lunch breaks on several occasions. |NYP|
Wow Mr. Mayor, first term limit extensions, now this? Good luck on that reelection. |NYT|
Christie’s is auctioning off a copy of Abraham Lincoln’s reelection speech from 1864 that is expected to fetch $3 million. |AP|
In another blow to the theory of intelligent design, geologists discovered “rare fossils” on a Civil War monument in Staten Island. |1010Wins|
The “I Voted” stickers mystery in NYC remains unsolved. |NBC|
|Photo: BrooklynVegan|