New York City could use some really motivated community organizers, or fuck it maybe lobbyists are the way to go, to get the people to collectively challenge the open-container laws or at least get them to persuade the City Council to amend it when it comes to people drinking on their own stoops. This recent blitz of tickets issued to Brooklynites, of legal age, is really draconian and just about as intrusive as it gets. Even more so in the case of this quartet that were knocking back beers on the secluded second floor deck of this house with a significant 3-4 ft overhang. The cops said their imbibing was “visible from the street.” However, can this really be considered public space?:

The law defines a public place as one ‘to which the public or a substantial group of persons has access, including, but not limited to,’ a sidewalk, street or park.”

As the Brownstoner notes, “Access seems to be the gray word, here.” |Brownstoner|