250_nypd_sentinel.jpgLast October, the NYPD announced its “Ring of Steel” security plan for the new WTC site—should it ever be built—that included more than 100 high tech surveillance cameras with license plate readers that would be placed in and around the Financial District. One of the cameras was even installed on Duane St. and Church by defense contractor Northrop Grumman. But now the “Ring of Steel” rhetoric has been severed, the new buzzword is: “Operation Sentinel.” And rightfully so, with news that the notorious civil rights abusing police force has dramatically stepped up its plans for surveilling the mostly, non-terrorist populace of NYC and now wants to scan ever single vehicle coming in and out of Manhattan—expect some Sky Watch towers like these too. Not surprisingly the ACLU ain’t having it and decided to take action. But the NYPD is already arguing that these increased measures are necessary for securing the Freedom Tower and making everyone feel safe. Right! And these would help prevent two hijacked airliners from crashing into buildings how? |NYT|