250_NYU_CUNY_.jpgWith the financial crisis showing no signs of letting up anytime soon, even schools like New York University are trying to formulate strategies to deal with the “troubled economic times,” but not everyone approves of their tactics. An incensed reader attending the expensive school sent in this flyer (legible version HERE) being distributed at the student center, encouraging a CUNY education as the cheaper alternative for those that can’t afford NYU. “I think it’s pretty fucked up that NYU can’t give its students decent financial aid even though John Sexton flies to Abu Dhabi every other week and we keep buying new buildings all over the city,” wrote the academic. The flyer detailing their “new In and Of the City financial aid plan” shows a map of the CUNY system, offers a handy chart detailing how much money students can save ($43,183 a year!), and provides this spirited quote from Sexton: (UPDATE: it’s a fake.)

“NYU will continue to dream. When students come to us having problems staying here, we’ll have to encourage them to take time off, or attend a public university, and have those credits transfer.”