Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada sculpted a gargantuan portrait of Barack Obama on a beach in Spain out of gravel, sand and pebbles that is bigger than a football field, measuring 140 yards long by 80 yards wide. The ‘EXPECTATION‘ project is described by the Cuban-born, NYC based artist as a “large ephemeral sand painting” designed so it could be seen from Google Earth.The oversized work was meant to convey both the “global impact” of the U.S. election and the “symbolic power” it holds for people around the world. But despite the monumental work, the artist says he’s not in the tank for Obama, and described why he specifically chose this medium:

“EXPECTATION is made of sand, a material that embodies the ephemeral. It remains to be seen if the hopes so so many will disappear as quickly or will they find an enduring advocated in President Barack Obama.”

Well, if he’s not elected, John McCain could always order a military strike, since it is located in enemy territory.