There’s only 20 days left until Election Day but the race is still far from over. To keep the momentum moving forward and promote the candidate offering a more progressive energy policy for the future than that frightening cackle of “Kill, baby, kill” “Drill, baby, drill,” ANIMAL brought Geekhouse bike builder Marty Walsh together with pattern reworking genius Dan Funderburgh to create this ONE OF A KIND ObamaBike. The hand-built track cycle was put up for auction on on eBay beginning today, with proceeds benefitting Barack Obama’s victory fund. The fixed gear masterpiece measures 55cm, sports a curved seat tube, custom sublimated graphics on the Geekhouse Custom ‘Rockcity’ frame/fork, and Velocity Deep V wheelset, plus an exclusive ‘Obama Chainring’ logo on the front. It comes race-ready with a nice selection of parts (Thomson Steam and Post, SDG Saddle, Tioga Headset, Sugino Messenger Cranks/Chainring, MKS Sylvan Track Pedals/Clips, Continental tires). Close-ups and details of the carbon footprint reducing mode of transportation below. UPDATE: sold for $1425.

(Photos: Geekhouse Bikes)
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