300_AboveTheInfluenceSlugs.jpgHey look, more animal ad metaphors. How fucking original. Here, Durham, North Carolina ad agency McKinney—yet another shop that claims they’re “redefining how marketing is done”—proposes that teenagers are nothing more than animals just itching to kill themselves. The headline on all three is “What’s the worst that could happen?” Do these ads speak to teenagers on their level? No. Do they preach to them and call them irresponsible idiots? Yes. While they teach us nothing about drug use, they do educate teenagers a little bit about the animal kingdom; salt does in fact dehydrate slugs. So not a complete loss? The Website on the ads, AbveTheInfluence.com, was created for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy…which helps explain the stupid strategy of this campaign. Jump for the two other ads featuring teen rat girls about to sample rat poison and bug spray-huffing adolescent wasps.

|Images: BestAdsOnTV|