Photographer Autumn Sonnichsen’s Nerve blog chronicles her adventures amidst naked chicks, porn stars, and skinny-dippers, from North America to South America and around the world. In a recent post, “Things That I Have Seen, Part 1,” she recounts meeting a plastic surgeon in a coffee shop. Later, she asked him if she could visit one of his surgeries. In the graphic photos she took of the blue sheet-shrouded, unconscious woman on the operating table, the surgeon cuts holes in breasts, into which he sticks his instruments. “I liked the idea of seeing his hands inside her body; I like the idea of finding other points of entry,” Sonnichsen writes. “I wonder if this is erotic–I assume that someone must whack off to this kind of thing because there is always someone that whacks off to everything.” Click below for the uncropped, full frontal photos.