Artist brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have created a new exhibit titled “Fucking Hell 2008” that features specially retouched work originally painted by Adolf Hitler. “If Hitler Had Been A Hippy How Happy Would We Be” is a collection of 13 original works by the Fuhrer that have been altered with “psychedelic rainbows, stars and love hearts,” by the Chapmans, who purchased the originals for a little over $250,000, and are now reselling them as a baker’s dozen for a tad over $1.3 million. By adding their own cheerful touches, the brothers insist they are reclaiming the work, and that it would most certainly have the infamously high strung Nazi rather pissed off: “If hell exists and Hitler exists in it, he would be spinning if he saw these. It’s not his work any more. It’s our work,” said Jake.” The original landscape paintings from the so called leader of the master race lack creative genius are mostly dull and uninspiring, but spruce up nicely with some color. It’s no wonder young Adolft was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Check out a sampling of our favorite, newly manipulated Hilters after the jump. |Independent|