After firing all its writers the Times wins the hands down worst lede in a newspaper story in a ridiculous account of a fatal crash crafted by benchwarmers of journalism:

The green street sign says, “Welcome to Manhattan,” but drivers coming off the Manhattan Bridge usually have no trouble knowing precisely where they are.
They are deposited smack in the middle of Chinatown, into a round-the-clock scene of barely controlled chaos: delivery trucks, tourists, taxis, electronics shops and counterfeit street vendors.”

Last we checked drivers in Chinatown aren’t rattled by shops or street vendors, the roadway and pavement being as distinctly separate as in every other square block of the fucking city. And if these ink-stained wretches dragged their lazy assed downtown at three in the morning they’d see things ain’t all that round the clock, beyond Wo Hop Rice Shop ain’t nothing going on 24/7 in Chinatown, nothing legal anyhow. The adjective challenged hacks seem to blame the “tumult” of Chinatown for an accident that was basically that: a dump truck hit a PARKED bus, “felling a traffic light and a fire hydrant.”True dat, those felled hydrants are a bitch.The pithy quotes these reporters managed to shake out of the densest section of the city? “I saw it happen, but I can’t tell you. I’m without mind at all. It’s too scary — that’s all” aught to be the paper’s new motto. |NYT|
Photo: Annie Tritt for The New York Times