The video of rookie cop Patrick E. Pogan (shield #28957) violently body checking cyclist Christopher Long during a Critical Mass group ride has a lot of people wondering what motivated him to act in such a blatantly egregious manner. Contrary to the video evidence and universal common sense, the cop (deponent) claimed—in a sworn statement—that Long swerved and then ran into him, “causing deponent to fall to the ground and causing deponent to suffer lacerations on deponent’s forearms” (PDF doc here). However, as the clip demonstrates, that’s not the case and the attack was unprovoked. Why is Officer Perjurer Pogan so angry? ANIMAL takes a look into some of the potential, hostility-causing factors: UPDATE: All charges dropped!

Patrick E. Pogan Jr. is a 22-year-old (born 9/9/85) NYC cop who lives at home with his parents in the infinitely boring, bike unfriendly suburban enclave of Massapequa Park. Even more depressing, his daddy is a former NYPD detective—good luck having fun in that relatively small house (street view and overhead map). This is further evidenced when you call the house (516-|||-||||) and there’s a curt voicemail recording: “We’re not here right now, do what ya gotta do.” Like most cops who live in Long Island but work in the city, Pogan most likely takes the LIRR daily, which when packed like the cattle car it is, could easily cause some intense mental discomfort. As to the effectiveness of the cowardly shove, it could be explained by the disgraced officer’s former football days. He played on his high school team and was even chosen to play as an offensive lineman on the 2003 Long Island All Star team. The Pogans also have tons of tax problems, with a federal lien in one case for the amount of $34,385.00. Plus the most damning evidence: he only had like 5 Facebook friends before deactivation. UPDATE: The phone number appears to have been changed, but all the other information is 100% correct.