amd_refuse2.jpgDamn, talk about a bad day. First a trio of young “would-be robbers” in the Bronx try to mug a 57-year-old dude who just so happened to know karate, thwarting their advance with a strike to the face and sending them running. The suspects were later apprehended by police, but it was during a perp walk that the real embarrassment began, as one of the accused learned the follies of the saggy jean trend firsthand and in a very public way by inadvertently modeling the low slung fashion style that wouldn’t make the President-elect proud. Luckily, for the “wannabe thugs” New York doesn’t have the same oppressive laws as Michigan or Florida—it could have meant more charges on top of the “robbery, criminal possession of stolen property and resisting arrest.” |NYDN|
|Photo: Schwartz for News|