Fake blood and nudity: works every time. Like me, do you root for the bulls during this pathetic annual “manly” rite? Fourteen people (and pretty much every bull) have died during the San Fermin Festival since 1924. So far this week—no deaths yet (but one goring!). European PETA acvtivists have been staging the Running Of The Nudes in Pamplona, Spain for several years now. But this year, they staged their first die-in—complete with pretty matador barbs—near the end of the bull-run route. It’s a decent spectacle, but I’d like to see the PETAs do some integrated marketing at these high visibility events. Maybe get some psychos to dress up like Anna Wintour and Colonel Sanders and participate in a run, and let themselves get gored for the good of the Cause.
Photo: |PETA|