300_kanye_west_kaws.jpgAfter commissioning KAWS to do Smurf murals in his house, a coke white ‘Nose’ character for his video, and a handful of other projects, it was looking like Pharrell had the Hip Hop monopoly on the former street artist turned graphic designer. However, he’s now willing to share and lent him to Kanye. So for his forthcoming album 808s & Heartbreak the Konman had KAWS do all the cover art and graphics including this slightly disturbing image. Did anyone bother to mention that the character wrapping itself around ‘Ye’s waist and disappearing into his backside is the artist signature “sperm–skull”? In the late 1990s, when KAWS was still relevant and illegally changing out bus shelters, he would employ this character to pervert fashion ads featuring mostly supermodels—female ones. Technically it’s not the first time either, the BBC Ice Cream crew was recently coiled up too. Click below for the vintage and decidingly less gay examples of KAWS’ work.