crop_obama_hope_ad_.jpg“[D]oes the campaign poster on this page remind you of a totalitarian cult?,” asks Philadelphia Daily News Clout columnist Gar Joseph. The slanted alarmist goes on to describe the rather mundane Obama poster featuring Shepard Fairey’s signature propaganda style—technically his only one—as something out of George Orwell’s “1984.” It’s easy to understand how unhip Baby Boomers and the pop art uninitiated could misconstrue the image as a remnant of a Soviet-era political campaign, however, there’s nothing “Big Brother,” about it. It’s more emblematic of the the Obama camp’s commitment to change, certainly more than McCain and Clinton. After all, which of them would have considered hiring a former vandal—let alone any artist—to play such an important role in their campaign? |PhiladelphiaDailyNews|