Leave endangered big cats alone, stupid ad agencies desperate for stupid awards. Sleeping masks! Ha HA, get it? The zoo is now open til midnight, so the animals aren’t getting enough beddy-byezzz. Ads are for the Al Ain wildlife resort in Al Ain, the garden city of the rich and famous folks resort, the United Arab Emirates. Why didn’t you go whole hog and also retouch in earplugs, Bates Pangulf Group (the responsible agency)? And fyi, like a killjoy commenter pointed out at AdsOfTheWorld—Leopards like all cats are nocturnal…you know what would’ve made for more realistic visuals for a zoo open late at night? Yawning beasts. That would’ve been a little better. And original, right Bates Pangulf? Jump for two more of the ads featuring bemasked gorillas and hippos.

|Images: adsoftheworld|