So the people responsible for producing all those Obama art prints for Upper Playground are having an exhibit this Saturday showcasing a mishmash of all the designs. |JoyEngine|
Three New Jersey women are not happy about a book revealing their past douchebag associations and are suing ‘Douchebag’ author. |TSG|
A federal judge ruled that Sheriff Joe Arpaio cannot ignore the Constitution of the Unite States and must clean up his civil rights violating county jails. |PhoenixTimes|
Jittery politicians in Queens aren’t happy about the widespread sale of “gang apparel.” |QueensTribune|
Sarah Palin isn’t sure if abortion clinic bombers should be considered terrorists. |TheJedReport|
And finally, a young white woman volunteering for McCain LIED about being attacked by an Obama supporting black guy. Turns out she carved a backwards “B” into her own face. |HuffPost|