The biggest proponent of street art so far has been the internet. In a matter of hours, an artist can do one piece and receive instant worldwide recognition as in the case of the “pixel puddle” street art that had the web gushing with delight last week. It was created for an Intro to Sculpture class at NYU by Long Island native Kelly Goeller. The professor asked students to create an outdoor installation using wood, and the 21-year-old junior who’s looking to break into field of animation, installed the piece in front of The Barney Building on Friday the 18th at around 9AM. She told us that she chose this spot because, “its the route I take to class.” It took her about 15 minutes to affix—she used heavy duty double-side tape, which could explain why it was so easily stolen or removed. Goeller was very surprised by the amount of attention the piece received, especially since she doesn’t really read blogs. When asked if she fancies herself a street artist, Goeller explains, “I’d like to keep doing now that it’s so popular and people liked it.” She was even invited to do an installation at the annual “I Am 8-Bit” exhibit in LA in August. And the inspiration for all her pixel-styled work on a whole? “I’m really into old school Mario games,” confesses Goeller.
Photo: |Nick Gray|