Photo: Alvarez/NYDN
Last week, it was reported that a 9/11 mural in the Bronx dedicated to firefighter Peter Bielfeld was tagged by a graffiti writer named SIPS and the community was in an uproar. Well, the Vandal Squad found out who he was—thanks to graffiti rats—and arrested 17-year-old Avery Prince for: “criminal mischief, making graffiti and possession of graffiti instruments.” From the looks of this picture, someone must have went over him after he hit the mural, which he then returned to fix since the original fill-in was described as red, white and silver, whereas this looks orange with black outlines. Bombing a 9/11 mural is probably not so smart, bombing it twice: just plain dumb. See the pre-vandalized, virgin image of the mural after the jump.

Photo: Schuman/NYDN