You know why I like Heidi Fleiss? Because she doesn’t give a fuck. She pimped whores, turned out Tom Sizemore, and got hooked on crystal. So what’s her next career move? Let some guys make a documentary about her, of course. It’s not like a movie could make her look any worse than she already does. Part of HBO’s documentary film series, “Heidi Fleiss: The Would-Be Madam of Crystal” chronicles her living a new life in Nevada, where she runs a laundromat, tries to open a male brothel that caters to women, and acts like a fucking loon. Apparently, the subject sobered up, metaphorically-speaking, halfway through the making of the movie and ended her participation with the filmmakers. Eventually, though, she granted a final interview in which she equated herself with Alexander the Great: “‘I, too, conquered the world in my twenties – the sex world.'” Congratulations on that, Heidi. Also, the timing is perfect, with word that she’s facing felony drug charges for her love of meth.