posterboycollab_1-736599.jpg posterboycollab_4-713163.jpg
Before (left) and after (right)
After offering us a glimpse into how he does his magic firsthand, the subway billboard reworking artist known as Poster Boy teamed up with Public Ad Campaigner Jordan Seiler, another creative vandal that manipulates advertising in public spaces for the greater good—his ‘White On White’ series is commendable. “We decided to do a small collaboration just to see if we could get away with working in broad daylight together,” writes Seiler on his site, “All in all we hit 6 sites in a period of about two hours and it went off without a hitch.” The results were a nicely buffed, mind clearing transformation of wheatpaste strewn walls. From what we hear, this is only the beginning of what could grow into a larger conspiracy of like minded hactivists. Click below for a detailed shot of their Zen-like handiwork.

Photos: Jordan Seiler/Public Ad Campaign