350__free_beer__powderly_china.jpgAlthough technology induced artist James Powderly didn’t get a chance to shine the words “Free Tibet” on a building in Beijing, the mission was still a success. After being accosted out of bed by secret police, interrogated, and then hauled to a detention facility, word got out and the story received a lot of press. Plus a movement began, a t-shirt was designed, everyone (of the American activists) got home safe, and for the first time Twitter became relevant thanks to Earth Mouse. And it’s not like he didn’t get a chance to have some fun with his high tech tool, lighting up this message that’s slightly less important than freeing Tibet:

In the photo Powderly was testing his L.A.S.E.R. out his hotel window in Beijing and figured he wouldn’t be strapped to a blood stained chair for promoting something even the Chinese support. And like all vacations, it had its highs and chilling lows at the hands of Chongwen Detention Facility’s Finest.
Photo: James Powderly via Brooklyn Paper