Photo: One of the NYPD’s anti-graffiti Eagle Team | DelMundo for NYDN
In a move that is sure to instigate a reign of hate, powerHouse Book stooge Sara Rosen decided it would be a good idea to do an entire book dedicated to the the NYPD’s Vandal Squad, specifically Joseph “Joe Blow” Rivera. He represents the newest crop of subpar, mostly tattooed, fuck-up cops who—like their shitty offices in Coney Island—are at the end of their line. There’s a reason why Lt. Steve Mona has always been “Lieutenant Mona,” these guys don’t get promotions. The book, creatively titled “Vandal Squad” is slated for release later this year in December, but no need to worry about pre-ordering or any of that, it’s almost a matter of fact that it will be featured in their glorified book catalog aka powerHouse Magazine. Like former paint chasers before him, Joe Blow will now get a chance to get fame and money off the backs of graffiti writers—as did powerHouse. Check out their collection of pro-vandal books after the jump. |RazorApple|

“Autograf” -Peter Sutherland
“Bombshell” -CLAW MONEY
“Sonic Order of Happiness” -DALEK
“This Means Nothing” -Le Bijoutier
“U.F.O.” -U.F.O.
“Wild Style” -Charlie Ahearn