300_rape_streetart_lede_.jpgAlthough we’ve seen street art tackle political, celebrity, and pop cultural motifs, it’s not often that social issues like rape are addressed. This sign on Meserole Street (right off Humboldt) in the Bushburgish section of Brooklyn, is framed with various soft drink cans cut into flower-like shapes and features a frightful woodburned message:

“A woman was raped by a stranger on this block. Please protect your friends, lover, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, cousin, neighbor, the woman hear call for help late one night. 1 in 6 women in the his country have been victims of rape or attempted rape. This needs to stop happening.”

The only identity attributed to the striking mysterious sign is an email address: [email protected]. Click below for more angles. UPDATE: More on the project from the artist.