Earlier this week we posted some photos of a socially conscious street art sign in Bushburg highlighting rape. There was an email woodburned into the sign which we contacted and a female artist taking credit for the sign explained that she herself was a rape victim. The 26-year-old Brooklyn woman decided to take action and street art served as the perfect medium, giving an often unreported crime some public exposure:

“I just literally wanted to take it to the streets, alert my old neighbors. Rapes aren’t reported as often as they happen. You only hear about them from a friend of a friend. When it happened to me, i told all my good friends, and so many of them came back to me with stories about how their aunt, their professor, they themselves had been victims of rape.”

She is hoping that the sign will remind the public to be vigilant and force “potential rapists” to consider their hideous evilness.

“I want rapists to realize that the act that they commit is horrible. I hope that they will come to this realization when they think about the possibility of their loved ones becoming victims of rape.”

Like the Ghost Bikes that have are installed when a cyclist is killed, she wants to post up more signs around the sign for other victims.

“I’m hoping that people will contact me for that reason. It’s very empowering to use your own trauma as a device to prevent it from happening to others.”