The_Game_by_Mikko_Koponen.jpgWith the internet putting a big dent in music sales, releasing albums has become an increasingly tricky endeavor for rappers. But one formula that always seems to help spur some interest is shit talking. It’s almost obligatory at this point and Jayceon Taylor aka The Game, has mastered it better than his own lyrics. The LA-based, sometimes suicidal rapper ranted spoke to Complex about his album and more importantly—for the sake of getting any press—how much he hates J-Hova:

“Jay-Z is a subliminal rapper, he uses his words and isolates you like that. I go hard, straight for the jugular, with a knife and I’m cutting your throat and you’re going to bleed all over Manhattan when you beef with me. It’s that serious.”

He adds:

“Jay-Z, he has chinks in his armor still from that Nas beef. Other than that, we can do it. I’ve 100 percent won all my beefs. Me, LL, Nas and probably only a couple of other cats can claim that. I killed the biggest group in hip-hop single-handedly. Four cats against me and I totally fucking annihilated them, so Jay-Z would be a piece of cake. A piece of strawberry shortcake, my favorite.”