Last Friday night, the underground ad-altering artist known as Poster Boy allowed ANIMAL to document his work firsthand. At around 9:40 we entered the Morgan Avenue L train and after a brief survey of the scene, the creative vandal broke out his razor and quickly went to work. His idea was to transform a movie poster for the “Transporter” into the “Deported.” It was interesting how nonchalant he was, only stopping when trains pulled into the station and even then, once he scoped for police, would continue working unabated. And when a shifty gentleman with some puffy chest action—the first indicator of an undercover cop—inspected some of the torn up billboards and approached Poster Boy, asking how he’s doing, the vandal was calm, handling himself accordingly. The minute the guy got on the train, the vandalism resumed. We’ve got some EXCLUSIVE photos of Poster Boy and the first video of him in action after the jump.