Last night, Stereo Hell exclusively shared with ANIMAL this nifty video presentation (click the red arrow) revealing that all of the guerrilla AA posters were in fact not physical posters, but expertly Photoshopped fakes (unlike the SH imposter’s shoddy work). We were clued into this twist months ago, but we promised to keep mum until the series was finished. And, the Stereo Hellers tell us the video marks the end of this very entertaining erotic art/ad project. “I already feel sad thinking about walking in Soho and not having to take pics of billboards,” says SH’s Imp. But they’re looking forward to beginning work on the next idea. As are we.
Screen cap is of the very first guerrilla American Apparel poster from November 2007, which was Photoshopped over ad boards at West Broadway & Grand St.