rush-limbaugh-parody_thumb.jpgPrescription pill aficionado Rush Limbaugh has some great news for New Yorkers, he’s considering putting his “fashionable” Upper East Side apartment on the market. The conservative mouthpiece bought the property in 1994, but is worried about Bloomberg’s oppressive economic strategies for the “blue city.” His main concern is the mayor’s proposed tax plan, warning it’s going to lead to less cops, more parking tickets, and utter chaos: “There will be 1,000 fewer cops but the city will hire 200 more traffic agents to give out $60 million a year in new [parking] tickets. They’re laying off cops and adding meter maids.  The quality of life in New York is just going to blossom, isn’t it?  Lay off a thousand cops and hire 200 more traffic agents for the purposes of collecting $60 a year in “block-the-box tickets”?” |Politico|