versace_nesting_doll.jpgTo celebrate its 10th anniversary, Vogue Russia recruited some top designers to customize classic Matrioshka dolls better known as wooden nesting dolls. However, they couldn’t have these fashion virtuosos working on corpulent figures and in keeping with the ethos of the mag, as opposed to the time-honored custom of the Babushka doll, one minor adjustment was made: “We took the traditional wooden doll shape and turned it into a carved female body. We have slimmed it down and added some height. Of course it does not conform to the perfect 90x60x90 model proportions, but at 60x60x60 it proudly stands half a meter tall.” Click through the gallery of Matroshkas to see the full collection of slimmed down figurines by the likes of Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Armani and basically every other brand that advertises in the mag. |TWBE|