“Peur[s] du Noir,” or “Fear[s] of the Dark,” is a collection of six black-and-white animated shorts from the strange minds of Charles Burns, Blutch, and Richard McGuire, among others. The stories look like something like “Sin City,” but more darkly animated, and all explore fear in its blackest incarnations, like a lucid dream. By way of example, one of the interwoven tales focuses on “a little girl who appears to be systematically re-induced into a nightmare state by a deranged doctor/therapist, who keeps injecting her when she wakes up in terror, encouraging her to go back into the nightmare and not wake up until she’s seen it all the way through.” David Fincher’s adaptation of Burns’ Black Hole is still in development hell, but a “Fear[s] of the Dark” DVD will be available later this year.