Scientifically Inspired Obama Art

In stark contrast to the oversized Obama portrait viewable from space, is this molecular makeup of the Democratic candidate that is barely visible to the naked eye. Created with optical and electron microscopes, noted PHD and ‘nanobama‘ project leader John Hart describes the composition and symbolism: “Each face is made of approximately 150 million tiny carbon nanotubes; that’s about how many people will vote on November 4.” They only measure “about ten times the width of a human hair” and the image, as you can probably tell, was borrowed from Shepard Fairey—although his team did manage to get a microscopic Biden in there as well, plus a version of the American flag that will shake conservatives to their core! There’s a whole gallery of images and a much recommended ‘How To‘ page that better explains the whole experiment that can best be described as part science project, part art exhibit.
|Image: John Hart|