If you happen to be in LA this weekend, stop by the Corey Helford Gallery and check out Sean Christopher’s new crop of work. “Vanity Bonfire,” opens up this Saturday (7-10pm) and will “unveil a world of hidden meanings, symbols, and metaphors.” The art took over a year to create and features fuzzy pink grenades and grassy high heel tanks with Chanel logos among other fantastically disturbing imagery. Or as art fag linguists put it, “Christopher’s opulent visual vocabulary reaches new heights in “Vanity Bonfire” as politically motivated soldiers disguised as rococo frosted three layer cakes with lubricated match sticks and peppermint appendages, intermingle with dripping blood cherries, sparkling dollar signs and cultured pearls plucked from a 13th century tiara. Iconographic three layered cakes, Louis XIV shoes, and Sacred Hearts form the metaphoric foundation.” Click continue to preview more work from the show.