250_bachman_penny_thoughts_.jpgAlthough there’s a whole cast of disgraceful surrogates spewing hateful and shockingly divisive rhetoric about Obama on behalf of the McCain campaign, Michele Bachmann is especially despicable with her characterization of basically the entire Democratic party as unAmerican. Since she made that statement: the GOP distanced themselves, her opponent raised lots of loot, and the congresswoman’s house was vandalized by free speech fanatics. However, she hasn’t quite suffered enough. If you’d like to help lawfully punish the fundamentalist representative, you could always donate to her campaign. That’s right, take out your credit card, head right to her website and give Bachmann $0.01. The cost of completing the transaction will supersede the donation and leave the partisan with a net loss. Tell enough of your friends and it could amount to a pretty penny. Click below for evidence of our copper-plated activism.