300_move-on-obama-3.jpgJust when some might have argued that Shepard Fairey was headed for irrelevance, the graphic designer created the now world famous ‘HOPE’ series of campaign posters for Barack Obama. Even those who don’t like his work, can’t deny the impact his design had on the election. Now the artist comes full circle, releasing a newly pressed ‘Yes We Did’ victory print and officially getting a lot of mileage out of that one image. Signed prints and are being offered for donations of $500 or more, while the unsigned versions can be had for $80. The artwork will be made available on MoveOn.org’s website at 12:30pm EST today so grab your credit card and get ready to furiously click refresh, cause like everything else with his image plastered on it, these will go fast. If the print is too pricey, they’re giving away stickers for free, just pay shipping and handling or donate a little bit of money and you’ll get a bunch—more than enough to turn a profit on eBay. UPDATE: They’re postponing release till tomorrow at 12:30pm EST.