Shepard Fairey Is Mad At Barack Obama

time-mag-shep-cover-500x750.jpgAfter creating some of the most historic campaign imagery in modern election history and having his illustration appear on the cover of Time magazine’s “Person of the Year,” honoring Barack Obama, graphic designer Shepard Fairey isn’t too happy about the President-elect’s decision to invite a gay bashing evangelist to give the invocation at the inauguration. “Rick Warren is against gay marriage and reproductive rights, and he does not believe in evolution (maybe he offers himself as proof of lack of evolution),” writes Fairey. “I understand that Obama is trying to appeal to conservatives and evangelicals, but this move is symbolically a slap in the face to many people. Warren is not a uniter, but a divider… he is intolerant in many of his views.” The street papering artist also announced that he’ll be redirecting funds from the inauguration poster of Obama “to the movement to overturn Prop 8,” and despite his differences with the politician, still thinks he’s the best choice for president.