Hope Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Love him or hate him, Shepard Fairey gets up. Sure it’s mostly within the safety net of lower Manhattan and Williamsbug, but it still counts on the street art meter. He arrived in town last Thursday to not only DJ the Guggenheim on Friday night, but to also feed a vandalistic itch that he likens to drugs: “I’ve always looked it as a kind of positive addiction. I think that people using the streets to express themselves is a positive thing because most people are too afraid to ever empower themselves. So if it inspires people, even if they don’t do something themselves, even if it gets them talking about the content it gets the issues out on the table, I think that’s relevant too. Even if it’s you man, even if it’s negative. It’s all generating something.” In all, he hit about 16 spots—Gothamist compiled a gallery—working over two days with a lookout/assistant.