Skullphone Billboards Were Bought Not Hijacked

“Right now the enigma that is known only as SKULLPHONE is easily Clear Channel Communications‘ greatest enemy in SoCal since he hijacked 10 of the advertising giant’s most prominent digital billboards around LA in Hollywood, Westwood, and the art hotspot of Culver City,” wrote Jamie O’Shea on his Supertouch blog. He continued, “Hacking into the billboard’s computer network today, our boy positioned his trademark skullphone imagery in between the array of flashing movie, TV, and auto company ads that make up the normal paid advertising barrage on the giant illuminated monitors.” Wow. Sounds cool right? Finally, some cool culture jamming styled pranks and ‘Super’ got not the exclusive from their “boy.” Except that it didn’t happen like that. Wired reports that the so-called hacked Clear Channel billboards were actually paid advertisements. Whether or not the street art panic button will be hit is yet to be determined, but for some this could easily compete with Sony’s legendary transgression. |Wired|
Photo: Curtis Kulig for Supertouch