The still active in the streets Smart Crew have come up with a great way to parlay their love of graffiti, piss off public paint hating politician Peter Vallone, and make some money in the process: vending machines that sell fat caps for spray paint. The graffiti collective’s Smartâ„¢ cap vending machines began as an art project—kind of like that ‘.50 Ideas‘ gimmick—but evolved into a legal business venture. They’re currently looking for spots that want to carry the graffiti enhancing machines. Why would any store owner want these? Here’s a few reasons via Smart:

-Attract artists to your place of business and make them buy other things.
-Great conversation piece!
-Help writers paint better graffiti. *1
-EXCELLENT way to launder money. *2
-If you BUY a machine, you can refill with anything and make more. $!
-It’s just fuckin’ cool to have…

They of course meant legal graffiti and were just kidding about laundering money, but what more do you need? Although their machines currently only sell .25 NY Fats and Rusto Fats (with a fortune) they’ll soon be expanding the line to include.50 Pink Dots, Gray Dots and German Outline caps. Contact them here if you want one.